Hurricane: Do I Have Coverage?

As Hurricane Irene approaches Massachusetts, our office is getting alot of calls asking: Do I Have Coverage?

The quick answer is, if you have home insurance, yes you have Hurricane Coverage.

The question then becomes:  What is your deductible?

Some coastal homes have special (not so special) Hurricane or Wind deductibles. Usually between 1% –  5% of the Coverage A, Dwelling, amount.

Hurricane Tips

As Hurricane Irene approaches our area, following please find suggestions from our partner company, The Travelers in regard to steps you can take to stay safe:

  • Create a disaster plan. Plan an evacuation route in advance and determine where you would go if you were told to evacuate.
  • Prepare a survival kit. Stock up on drinking water, non-perishable goods, a first-aid kit and medicine for everyone including your pet. Include extra clothing, blankets, batteries, flashlights and a portable radio.
  • Conduct a home hazard hunt and make your home as safe as possible. Secure all outdoor objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture. Close storm shutters and board up all windows.
  • Review how to shut off utilities in an emergency with all family members.
  • Locate important papers and documents and have them ready to take with you should you need to evacuate. Protect documents in plastic storage bags if you’re remaining in your home.
  • Make sure you have insurance policies with claim contact information, an inventory of your home’s contents and cash.
  • Ask an out-of-state friend to be your family contact. After a disaster, it’s often easier to call long-distance than to make a local call.
  • Finally, leave promptly when ordered to evacuate. Leaving too late or not leaving at all only endangers yourself and others.


Hurricane Tips

  • Find a secure, safe shelter. Never stay in a mobile home, trailer, high rise, or your car.
  • Stay away from any windows. Find an interior room in which you have access to emergency supplies.
  • Don’t use electronic devices.
  • Don’t light candles. Ensure you have several flashlights with plenty of extra batteries on hand.
  • Have your portable radio on so you can monitor the weather and follow any instructions of local authorities.
  • Don’t leave your secure area too soon. The storm may appear to have calmed but you may simply be in the eye.
  • Wait for the all-clear signal from local authorities.
Johnson & Rohan