MA Auto Policy on Vacation

MA Auto Policy on Vacation

Does your MA Auto Policy go on vacation?

Before going on a long, relaxing vacation there are many things to think about including: airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals.

What about your MA auto insurance?

If you have your own MA personal auto insurance policy then your coverage will follow you in the United States, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Your coverage will NOT  follow you if you decide to go to Bermuda, Europe, Mexico or any other fabulous international destination.

The MA Coverage that follows you includes: Part 5, Bodily Injury to Others; Parts 3 & 12, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, your Collision and Comprehensive Coverage (including your deductible, if at fault).

Give us a call to discuss your coverage, or if traveling to Canada, so we can provide you a proof of liability insurance Canada Card.

Johnson & Rohan Insurance Discount Review

Insurance Discount Review

We recommend that every year you submit to “The Johnson & Rohan Insurance Discount Review.”

Chances are, when you insured with Johnson & Rohan Insurance, we were able to save you money.

Most likely, we also improved your coverage.

Our job, as your Massachusetts insurance agent, is to shop your coverage with numerous companies, make coverage recommendations, and help you if you ever have a billing question or claim problem.

We re-rate renewals and suggest coverage improvements, shop for discounts, and recommend insurance programs.

Some of the traditional Massachusetts automobile insurance discounts include:

Age 65 or Older, Passive Restraint, Annual Mileage discounts, Anti-theft, Multi-Car, Driver’s Education

Additional discounts may include:

Account discounts, Excellent driver & excellent driver plus discounts (99 & 98 drivers), Pay in full discounts, Hybrid vehicle discount, Advanced driver training discount, Alumni & professional group discounts, Good student discount (“B” or better), Student away at school discounts

Call or click us for your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discount Review!

Thank you for insuring with us.

Johnson & Rohan’s Top 5 Massachusetts Public Golf Courses

Top 5 Massachusetts Public Golf Courses

Johnson & Rohan’s Top 5 Massachusetts Public Golf Courses- 2019
  1. Taconic Golf Club- Williamstown, MA (413) 458-3997. Located on edge of the Williams College campus this 1897 Stiles and Van Kleek classic makes the top 100 Public in the United States. Check out the placque on #14 where Jack Nicklaus had a hole in one during the 1956 US Junior.
  2. Pinehills Golf Club- Plymouth, MA (866) 855-4653 Created to rival the country’s most prestigious golf clubs, Pinehills brings world class, daily fee golf to New England. Conveniently located in Plymouth, Massachusetts – just a short drive away from Boston and Cape Cod – Pinehills Golf Club is spectacularly set on over 300 acres of rolling hills punctuated by dramatic, glacially carved kettles and kames. Note: I don’t know what a kame is.
  3. Red Tail Golf Club- Devens, MA (978) 772-3273. Nestled within the property formerly within Fort Devens, this 18 hole championship layout is kept in immaculate condition. Lots of elevation changes, fast greens and you can’t beat the weekend Junior Golfer plan where kids under 17 play free when accompanied by a paying adult.
  4. Farm Neck Golf Club- Oak Bluffs, MA (508) 693-3057. Located on Martha’s Vineyard, this semi-private gem plays to 6800 yards from its back tees. As you play, you will find yourself traversing a striking variation of topography and vegetation — everything from woodlands, to open meadows, to salt marshes, to stunning overlooks and intimate brushes with the water’s edge. Massachusetts’ top island public links.
  5. Granite Links Golf Club- Quincy, MA (617) 689-1900 Perched atop the Quincy quarries with stunning views of Boston, Granite Links has a great reputation for its championship caliber golf, driving range, food, beverage and events. Three strong 9 hole routings offer different tests. Wrap up your day in the beautiful clubhouse with full dining options and great views of the city.

Why You Need a Home Inventory and Keeping it Simple

Why You Need a Home Inventory

How and Why You Need a Home Inventory

Worried you’ll lose track of your stuff if anything should happen to it? A detailed, up-to-date home inventory can help you get organized, and may speed your claims process.

Quick take: How to do a home inventory

A home inventory helps you be as accurate as possible in the event of a personal property loss claim.
● There are numerous ways to conduct a home inventory including video, written, or with pictures or apps.
● Be sure to include all your valuables, from art and jewelry to firearms and collectibles.
● Don’t forget to include items in the basement or attic on your home inventory.
● Keep your home inventory safe. Make digital copies and store a hard copy someplace safe, such as a safe deposit box at a bank or back up to the cloud.

Q: I’m updating my home insurance policy and saw a recommendation to create a “home inventory.” There’s a ton of stuff in my home, so I’m not sure where to start. I’m hoping you can help: What does a home inventory typically include and how do I get started?

A:  After a major incident resulting in loss of property, your stress level can go sky high. In fact, it can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Now, imagine having to recall, in as much detail as possible, every piece of personal property you may have lost. Stress, anxiety and grief can all cloud your memory, making it difficult to be sure you’ve listed every important piece of property on your insurance claim. An accurate and up-to-date home inventory can provide a helpful record of your belongings, and may save you a world of heartache during a difficult time.

How do I do a home inventory?

There are a few ways to keep track of your thorough home inventory.

  • Write it down: To do a written home inventory, you’ll need to walk through your home and make a long, detailed list of your property. For each item, be sure to record the date it was purchased, the serial or model number if applicable, and the item’s value. If you have a receipt, note it on your inventory and keep it on file.
  • Take pictures: To add dimension to your home inventory, take pictures of each item on your list. The picture should focus on the item itself, as well as any important details, such as a close-up of the setting on a piece of jewelry or the artist’s signature on a valuable painting.
  • Shoot video: Another recommendation is to conduct your home inventory on video, because of level of detail you can achieve. It’s easy to do on your own with a smartphone. As you walk through your home recording each item, you can describe details, zoom in on jewelry settings and serial numbers, take video of any appraisals you may have for certain items, and so on. Plus, if you upload it to the cloud, it will be automatically saved with a date and time, which can be important for recordkeeping.
  • There’s an app for that:  Download the Sortly app on your iphone. This highly rated application is available for no charge for up to 100 items or $3.99/month for unlimited items. See for more details or find it on the Apple app store.
“What should I include on my home inventory?”

First, I recommend recording every valuable, which could include art, jewelry, firearms, electronics, sports equipment, heirloom pieces such grandfather clocks, china and other collectibles.

For each of the major items, try to include a description, serial number if you have it, date purchased, along with purchase price or estimated or appraised value. If you have receipts, save copies with your inventory. When working with your insurance company on a claim to settle the personal property portion of a loss, any additional details you can provide are helpful.

Also, don’t forget the property in your attic and basement. The most overlooked items left off of a home inventory are usually found in the attic or basement because we tend to put things in boxes and forget about them. When doing an inventory, be sure to label the outside of the box with a list of the contents, and then record an image of those items.

Once you have a home inventory, make sure to keep it updated by adding new purchases to the list, and re-evaluating older items over time.

“What are the benefits of a home inventory?”

Aside from providing a record of your valuable items in case of a claim, a home inventory can be a great exercise to help you more accurately determine your property coverage needs. One thing I’ve noticed in more than 20 years of working on video inventories with customers: people often discover they aren’t comfortable with the amount of personal property coverage they have. Over the years, we accumulate more property than our policies might have covered when we first purchased them. Be sure to go over your home inventory with your agent in order to determine if you have enough coverage for everything that is important to you.
And don’t forget to think about where you store your inventory. If you opt for a written inventory with pictures, scan and save a digital copy or keep a hard copy in a safe deposit box outside of your home. Your home inventory does no good if it’s lost in a fire or other unforeseen event with all your valuables.

Johnson & Rohan Independent Insurance Agent Advantage

We understand that there are lots of choices when it comes to buying your insurance. In order to keep your business, we must provide a Johnson & Rohan Independent Agent Advantage.

Johnson & Rohan Insurance Advantage:

  • We assist you at claim time.
  • We are your advocate.
  • We rate with 7 auto insurance companies. This allows us to find the lowest premiums and best insurance programs.
  • We’re not beholden to any one company; thus, you don’t need to change agents as your insurance and service needs change.
  • We are your personal insurance consultant, working with you as you determine your needs.
  • We offer one-stop shopping for a full range of products including: home, renters, condo, auto, business, life and health insurance.
  • We periodically help you review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • When billing questions or issues arise, we are here to assist you.
  • We treat you like a person, not just another number.
  • We assist with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Serving you is important to us, both as a business and as a family.

Thank you for insuring with Johnson & Rohan Insurance.

We appreciate your business.

Summer Time: Massachusetts Top 10 Best Beaches

Head of the Meadow, Truro

After the long winter and rainy, cool spring, the Summer of 2019 is finally here!

Although maybe impossible to choose Massachusetts’ Top 10 Beaches, here we’re going to give it the college try:

1. Singing Beach, Manchester by the Sea

Location: 119 Beach Street Manchester, Massachusetts

2. Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor

Location: Ferry leaves from Boston’s Long Wharf

3. Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester

Location: Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts

4. Head of the Meadow, Truro

Location: Rt. 6 in Truro, Massachusetts

5. Old Silver Beach, Falmouth

Location: Quaker Road. Falmouth, Massachusetts

6. Crane Beach

Location:  Ipswich, Massachusetts

7. Madaket Beach, Nantucket

Location: Pennsylvania Ave., Nantucket, Massachusetts

8. Rock Harbor Beach, Orleans

Location: Rock Harbor Road, Orleans, Massachusetts.

9. Good Harbor Beach

Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts

10. Marconi Beach, Wellfleet

Location: Six miles north of Salt Pond Visitor Center, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Boat Insurance Tips

Boat Insurance Tips

How do ‘agreed value’ and ‘market value’ policies differ?

Boat insurance tips: there are two types of coverage available to insure your boat. To help boaters save money on insuring older vessels, insurers offer the option of “agreed value” (think sticker price) versus “market value” (think depreciation) in the case of a total loss.

With agreed value coverage the insured and insurer agree on the value of the boat upfront. If something happens to the boat, you’re going to get paid up to the agreed value.

Market value coverage depreciates the boat’s value; so if the boat is destroyed, you’re going to get enough money to replace the boat’s (current) value. If you bought the boat in 2005, you’re not going to get enough money to buy a 2011 model; you’re going to get enough to buy a 2005 model.

Market value policies often run about 25% less than agreed value.

Owners of newer boats typically insure with agreed value. As the boat ages and the value depreciates, and if there is no loan on the boat, it might make sense to save the money and change the coverage to market value. Call us to discuss your specifics.

Is my boat covered when it’s out of the water?

Strangely enough, yes — but not by your boat policy.

When the boat is attached to your car or truck, you are covered by your auto policy should you back into somebody. Anytime you’re trailering something, your auto policy will respond.

The bad news is it’s covered solely by your auto policy, and only to the limits contained therein.

A yacht policy will not pay for loss of life, bodily injury or property damage that occurs when the insured property is being transported on land- coverage is limited to your auto policy limits.

Your homeowners insurance may provide limited coverage if the boat is damaged while parked on your property, but it may not stretch to cover stolen contents or vandalism.

How can I save money on boat insurance?

Now that you know the basics of boat insurance, let’s dig for some savings.

  • Get specific. Don’t buy a yacht policy if you own a dinghy. There are many varieties of boat insurance, including powerboat, sailboat, houseboat, bass boat, wooden boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, personal watercraft and so on, each with its own price structure and set of features. Call us to find the right coverage.
  • Go all-in on safety features. Many boat insurance underwriters offer policy discounts for gadgets that protect their investment, such as wireless auto tethers that act as an engine kill switch should the skipper or any of the passengers fall overboard.
  • Take a boating class. A trained boater is a safer boater. Contact your agent for discount-qualifying classes in your area. One class can save you 5 percent or more on your policy, year after boating year.
  • Extend your lay-up period. Insurers are willing to cut your premium during those days or months when you’re not using your boat. A premium discount of about 4 percent per month off the hull portion of your total premium.
  • Bundle boat insurance. Just like home and auto insurance, bundling your policies with the same company can save you up to 15%. Call us to see what we can save you.

Lynnfield, MA Insurance Agent

Lynnfield, MA Insurance Agent

If you search online for “Lynnfield, MA Insurance Agent,” you’ll find Johnson & Rohan Insurance.

But this is only part of the story.

We’ve been in Lynnfield, servicing clients, for over 25 years.

Same location: 50 Salem Street, Building A … 2nd floor. Same telephone number: 781-224-0909.

For 25 years we’ve been open Mondays – Fridays and on Saturdays (9 am – 12:00).

We’ve grown from a small, start-up Agency with zero clients to at a large, Independent Insurance Agency representing dozens of companies. We’re a modern day, American success story based right here in Lynnfield, MA.

You can find us online, have us find you the best premium & coverage but, perhaps, the best way to appreciate our Agency is by years of customer service.

Claims, billing questions, coverage questions, insurance problems and Registry of Motor Vehicles service is what we do.

We are your Lynnfield, MA Insurance Agent. We’ve been doing it for more than 25 years and we’d like to earn your business.

Call, click or stop by.


Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance

MA Workers Compensation Insurance

Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance

Protects employees from work-related accidents, illnesses, and fatalities. Massachusetts requires employers have workers compensation insurance.

According to MassHealth: Employees who are injured during the course of employment, or who suffer from work-related mental or emotional disabilities, as well as occupational diseases, are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Massachusetts. These benefits include medical and hospital services, medically necessary equipment and prescribed drugs, weekly compensation for lost income during the period the employee cannot work, and vocational and rehabilitation services.

Do we have to buy Workers Compensation Insurance in Massachusetts?

MA Department of Industrial Accidents requires all employers operating in Massachusetts are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees and themselves if they are an employee of their company.

The requirement applies no matter the number of hours worked or the number of employees.

The only exception is for domestic employees who must work at least 16 hours a week to be covered under a workers’ compensation policy.

Who isn’t required to have insurance?

  • Members of a limited liability company (LLC), partners of a limited liability partnership (LLP), or sole proprietors of an unincorporated business aren’t required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for themselves
  • This exemption does not apply to employees who are not members of the LLC or LLP. They must still be covered.
  • If they want coverage, members, partners, or sole proprietors should contact an insurance broker

What If we don’t carry workers compensation insurance?

You could be liable for all the costs if one of your employees gets injured. Also, you could be subject to fines or penalties by the state of Massachusetts.

Give us a call, click or stop by if you would like to discuss your insurance needs. Johnson & Rohan Insurance offers all forms of insurance.

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Ordering Massachusetts Vanity Plates

Massachusetts Vanity License Plates


Have you ever thought about getting Massachusetts Vanity License Plates? If so, you are not alone.

According to, the official website of Massachusetts, one of the most requested topics is: ordering vanity license plates.

What you need for Request a vanity license plate

All vanity plates must begin with 2 letters. The plate can be no more than 6 characters, or a maximum of 5 characters for motorcycle plates. Vanity plates cannot have letters and numbers intermixed. See the More Info section for detailed plate criteria.

How to request Request a vanity license plate

Next steps for Request a vanity license plate

Pick up your vanity plates

To pick up your vanity plates at the RMV Service Center, you will be required to:

  • Submit a completed RMV-3 form to swap plates. This must be stamped by your insurance company
  • Surrender your old plate(s)
  • Pay the swap fee

Vanity plates must be picked up within 90 days.

More info about Request a vanity license plate

Vanity Plate Requirements:

  1.  All vanity plates must start with at least two letters.
  2. Passenger, Camper, Livery, Bus, and Commercial vanity plates may contain a maximum of 6 characters (letters or numbers) and a minimum of 2 characters. Vanity plates for antique vehicles may contain a maximum of 4 characters and a minimum of 2 characters. Motorcycle vanity plates may contain a maximum of 5 characters and a minimum of 2 characters.
  3.  Numbers cannot be used in the middle of a plate; they must come at the end. For example, AAA222 would be an acceptable Passenger vanity plate; AAA22A would not be acceptable. The first number used cannot be a “0.”
  4. The letters “I,” “O,” “Q,” and “U” can ONLY be used as part of a word that is clearly defined and correctly spelled. For example, “LQQK” would not be an acceptable registration number because it is not a correctly spelled word.
  5. No periods, spaces, or punctuation marks are allowed.
  6. Letter and/or number combinations that convey an offensive message or appear to duplicate an existing registration plate are not permitted.

Plate Criteria

  1. The Registrar will not knowingly issue a requested Vanity registration plate containing a group of letters or combination of numbers and letters if the plate is either offensive or duplicative of an existing registration. Specifically, the Registrar will not issue a requested combination of letters and numbers or letters alone if:
    • Such combination is vulgar in that it is in poor taste or is degrading or is considered a profanity, including a swear or curse word, not usually displayed in the community for general viewing
    • Such combination is derogatory in that it disparages or belittles someone or something
    • Such combination is obscene in that it refers to a sexual body part, a term for or most closely associated with a sex act, or the availability for sex
    • Such combination is an expression of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of a race, religion, deity, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or political affiliation
    • Such combination is an expression of “fighting words” designed to inflame passions and possibly lead to a violent confrontation
    • Such combination would appear to duplicate a registration already issued
  2. The Registrar may reject a requested combination for other reasons if she reasonably determines that issuance of the requested combination would be inappropriate as a state-issued registration plate.
  3. It is irrelevant whether offensive material is communicated when reading the vanity plate from left-to-right or from right-to-left, when viewed through a rear view mirror, or whether it is in a foreign language or in a code which only a small segment of the community may be able to readily decipher.
  4. The Registrar reserves the right to recall a vanity plate that has been issued, even if such registration and plate have been renewed. If the Registrar becomes aware that a group of letters or a combination of numbers and letters appears to be offensive in nature, or that a plate appears to duplicate an existing registration, this will be sufficient cause for recall.

Downloads for Request a vanity license plate

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