Term Life Insurance Exam Tips

When it comes to life insurance quotes, it’s all based on how you were rated. Super-preferred? Preferred? Standard, non-standard, smoking? Declined? Term Life Exam Tips. When applying for life insurance you want to be truthful. Then, at exam time, you want to put your best foot forward. Following these term LIFE EXAM tips can help … Continue reading “Term Life Insurance Exam Tips”

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Save Money on Auto Insurance with Telematics Discount

In a world where data accumulation is king, auto insurers are keen for information on drivers and driving habits.  Johnson and Rohan represents three of Massachusetts’ largest auto carriers (Safety Insurance, Travelers and Progressive) and each is offering  discounts to insureds for using software that will monitor driving.  To entice consumers, they offer potential discounts- … Continue reading “Save Money on Auto Insurance with Telematics Discount”

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