More Snow? Oh no …

As the most recent storm moves out to sea, rest assured you can report a claim to Johnson & Rohan Insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of our popular, after-hours claim numbers: Travelers:     1-800-252-4633 Safety Insurance:    1-800-951-2100 Vermont Mutual:      1-800-435-0397 Progressive Insurance:    1-800-274 MPIUA:      1-800-392-6108    

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Distracted Driving

  Distracted driving is the most common cause of accidents. The most common distraction is texting or looking at your cell phone. The National Insurance Highway Institute describes 3 types of distractions: Visual – taking your eyes off the road; Manual – taking your hands off the wheel; and Cognitive – taking your mind off … Continue reading “Distracted Driving”

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