Inspection Sticker Blues

don't let your MA inspection sticker lapse

Perhaps the cruelest of all surcharge points on the personal MA Auto Insurance Policy is the one for an ”expired inspection sticker” citation.

In Massachusetts, a ticket for an expired vehicle inspection sticker is the equivalent, in auto insurance citation points, of a moving violation.

According to the MA Department of Insurance:

Surcharge points are incurred if you:

  • cause an at-fault accident
  • are convicted of or pay a fine for a traffic law violation
  • are assigned to an alcohol education program

An expired inspection sticker is considered “pay(ing) a fine for a traffic law violation.”

A $40 ticket results increased insurance costs for 6 years! About 20% increase the first three years, diminshing the following three .

Check your MA Inspection Sticker:  Don’t let it lapse!

Following please find a helpful, Mass Inspection Station locator link: