Grill Safety

June 20, 2021 marks the longest day of the year, the beginning of summer and, of course: Father’s Day.

As we approach the summer solstice, it’s time to fire up the grill. Remember to exercise some caution before you do so.

The insurance industry reports of over 500 fires and over 30 injuries per year as a result of gas grill fires and explosions.

Many of these fires occur when people use a grill that has been left idle for a period of time or when they have just refilled and reattached the grill’s gas container.

It is important to carefully check your grill before you use it each summer.

Check grill hoses for cracks, holes, and leaks; ensure that the tubes that lead into the burner are free of any debris that could block the flow of gas; and replace scratched or nicked connectors, which can allow gas to leak.

Once cleaned and inspected, enjoy the 2021 summer grill season.