Business Cyber Coverage

Business Cyber Coverage





Business Cyber Coverage: Ransomware is on the rise.

According to Cowbell Cyber: in 2021, the average ransomware payment increased by 43%, business interruption due to ransomware attacks increased by 10%, and almost 80% of these attacks included the threat to leak the hijacked data.

Businesses need to improve their ransomware protection. To help, we’ve put together “5 Steps to Proactively Address Ransomware” to help your clients!

Ransomware attacks can affect any business, regardless of size or industry. Cyber insurance prepares your clients for the worst – first by helping them proactively improve their risk profile and second by enabling them to recover faster and at a lower cost when an incident occurs.

Our standalone cyber insurance product, Cowbell Prime, empowers you to easily offer customizable policies that match the unique needs of any business and using AI we make upgrading your clients to a robust cyber policy easy and fast.

Standalone cyber insurance is essential for protecting your clients. 7/1 renewals are your opportunity to upgrade them.