Winter Driving Tips:

This morning, north of Boston, we woke to our first snow of 2012.

Thankfully it was only a dusting, but road surfaces were slick and frozen.

This got me thinking it’s time for Johnson & Rohan’s annual:

Winter Driving Tips:

  • Adjust your speed to the current conditions.
  • Antiicpate difficult situations.
  • Maintain a comfortable driving environment.
  • Turn on your lights.
  • While driving at night, leave your head lamps on low beam when driving in snow or fog.
  • Keep a smooth and light touch on the brakes for normal braking.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Don’t oversetimate the capability of four wheel drive vehicles.
  • Anti-lock brakes can’t perform miracles.
  • Wear quality sunglasses.
  • When driving up a steep hill in icy conditions, gain speed and momentum before starting uphill.
  • If you do have trouble, and become stopped or stranded, run the engine only briefly – not continuously – to run the heater.


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