The Big Freeze


Old Man Winter is right around the corner and so are the dreaded: Frozen Pipe Claims!

According to The Insurance Journal:  “weather incidents account for more than half of all homeowners insurance claims, with wind, pipes freezing and bursting, roof and flashing leaks and ice dams among the major causes of home damage during weather events.”

On extremely cold days, take the following precautions to help prevent freezing pipes and resulting water damage:

To Help Prevent The Big Freeze:
  • Maintain higher than normal temperatures (65 degrees +).
  • Turn on your faucets and let the water trickle constantly.
  • Open cabinet doors under the sinks. This will allow the heat to warm the pipes.
  • Insulate pipes. Insulation goes a long way toward preventing freeze ups.
  • Your exterior faucets used for your garden hoses should be shut off from inside your basement and left open (even if you have freeze-proof sill cocks).

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