Massachusetts Reopening Plan: Four Phases

Massachusetts Reopening Plan: Four Phases

Here, as an essential business, our office has remained open throughout the pandemic. Some of us working remotely and some of us here, at our desks, masks at the ready.

When John Lennon sang “Strange days indeed,” on Nobody Told Me, he couldn’t have imagined how strange these days actually are.

Massachusetts is working on the state’s reopening plan.

Entering Phase 2 of the Massachusetts Reopening Plan: Four Phases, let’s recap:

Phase 2

Effective Monday, June 22

Retail businesses, restaurants, hotels and other personal services such as nail salons and day spas can reopen with restrictions.

Hospitals and community health centers are allowed to provide less-urgent preventative care, including teeth cleanings and certain elective procedures.

More recreation is allowed to restart, including campgrounds, playgrounds, public pools, athletic fields and courts and youth sports in a limited fashion.

Baker’s “safer-at-home” advisory is lifted, but business and recreational travel is discouraged. The limit on gatherings of 10 people could be lifted depending on the trends.

Phase 3

Effective at least three weeks after Phase 2

Bars, casinos, gyms, museums and others in the entertainment and arts industries can reopen. All other business activities can resume except for nightclubs and large venues.

More recreation is allowed to restart, including youth sorts with games and tournaments, though crowd sizes will be limited.

Phase 4

Effective upon the development of vaccines and treatment

Full resumption of activity in the “new normal,” including travel, all outdoor recreation and activities as well as events in large venues and nightclubs.

People are still urged to wear face coverings, maintain physical distance and proper hygiene.