Ordinance or Law Coverage

Ordinance or Law Coverage

Ordinance or Law Coverage was recently in the news and, as a result, our Agency received a flurry of phone calls. After completing dozens of reviews of coverage, let’s talk about:

Ordinance or Law Coverage — coverage for loss caused by enforcement of ordinances or laws regulating construction and repair of damaged buildings. Older structures that are damaged may need upgraded electrical; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC); and plumbing units based on city codes.

Ordinance or Law insurance coverage provides limited protection for costs associated with repairing, rebuilding, or constructing a structure when physical damage to the structure by a covered cause of loss triggers an ordinance or law.

According to Adjuster’s International Disaster Recovery Consulting, compliance with ordinances and
laws after a loss can add 50% or more to the cost of the claim. (Paul O. Dudey CPCU and Donald S. Malecki, Adjusting Today Issue #3009, “Ordinance or Law Coverage – Code for Recovery!”).
Insureds should take a proactive approach to their insurance program and the coverage provided by the
program. Learning about important exclusions and limitations after a catastrophe strikes will cause the Insured to experience frustration and anxiety. Insureds should always read their policies, and in some states, may be required by law to do so.


Most property insurance policies will have an Ordinance or Law exclusion. The exclusion applies to both physical damage and time element coverage. Ordinance or Law coverage is readily available in the market, typically by end

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