Auto Insurance Discounts

Different auto insurance companies offer different discount programs. It’s important to know which company has the best discount program for you and your family.

Do you have anyone in your house that is newly licensed?

If so, different companies have different appetites (ie- better rates) for newly licensed drivers.

Is there anyone on the policy that is a full-time, good student (B or better average)?

If so, many companies have “good student” discounts.

Does your student go away to school?

If so, and if they leave their vehicle behind, there is an “away at school” discount that some MA auto insurance companies offer.

Do you own a home?

If so, there are terrific account discounts available.

Are you a safe driver?

Companies offer excellent safe driver (in MA, steps “99? & “98?) discounts and “accident forgiveness”: programs.

Are you a member of AAA?

Some companies offer a AAA, or other roadside assistance program, discount.

Did you, or anyone rated on your policy, complete a Crash Control Prevention course?

Johnson & Rohan Insurance recommends taking a Crash Control Prevention course. If insured with Safety Insurance, they will even supplement the cost of the course.

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