Advanced Driver Training

Johnson & Rohan recommends Advanced Driver Training.

As a parent, one of our biggest worries is when our teen driver gets their license.

In Control – is a program that puts drivers in controlled, high risk driving situations, designed to significantly reduce the risks associated with being a new driver.

In Control offers a half-day hands-on course developed by professionally trained race car drivers who also train police, firefighters, and emergency response drivers.

Drivers learn: how to control skids, how to effectively use ABS brakes, dangers of tailgating, problems with backing up, how to manage emergency lane changes, and the effects of speed on driving control.

In Control offers a 10% discount to Johnson & Rohan clients. The present cost of the program is about $300 per student with additional family members costing about $200.

In addition, Safety Insurance offers this program to our clients for $75.

They also provide a 5% discount on auto insurance for drivers that have completed the course!

We are excited about this program, the skills that it teaches, and the insurance discount it provides. Reviews of the program have been excellent.

Please call or click us to learn more.

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