Accident Forgiveness & Disappearing Deductible endorsement-

Two of the new, widely asked-about products offered by some auto insurance companies in Massachusetts are:

Accident Forgiveness – For a fee, some auto insurance companies in MA will include an ”Accident Forgiveness” endorsement. So, if you get in a future at-fault auto accident, your auto insurance company will not apply a surcharge to your policy renewal. Some companies require you to be a “99” driver in order to qualify.

Disappearing Deductible – For a fee, some MA auto insurance companies offer a “Disappearing Deductible” program. This endorsement usually credits your Collision deductible – $100 for each year you go at-fault accident free; up to a maximum -$500 credit. Some companies require you to be a “99” or “98” driver to qualify.

Both auto insurance endorsements can save MA drivers money if in a future, at-fault accident.

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