Planning a Trip to Canada? Call Us for Your Canada Card.

U.S. travelers to Canada are required to carry a motor vehicle liability card, plus vehicle ownership papers.

We recommend you carry a copy of your Masachusetts auto policy, as well as a Canadian Non-Resident Interprovincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card.

The Canadian Non-Resident Inter-provincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card is proof that your MA auto policy liability limits meet the minimum requirements for each / all Canadian provinces and territories and that your coverage extends to Canada and its territories.

If you do not carry a Canada Non-Resident Liability Card and if you are stopped by Canadian police or are in an accident, then you’re at risk of being fined or having your vehicle impounded until proof of coverage is furnished.

If you are planning a trip to Canada, call or click us so we can provide you with a Canada Non-Resident Liability Card.


Panning a trip to Canada?

Moose Canada Card

We recommend you call us for your Canada Non-Resident Liability Card.

Canada requires that U.S. vehicles provide evidence of liability coverage when traveling the provinces.


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